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Thursday - July 28, 2016
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Professional Management and Marketing Keith Borglum CHBC CBB Listings

Professional Management and Marketing
Keith Borglum CHBC CBB
3468 Piner Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Medical practice management consultant, appraiser, licensed practice broker.

Certified Healthcare Business Consultant
Licensed & Certified Business Broker
Qualified Appraiser to IRS and SBA
Certified Business Appraiser candidate to Institute of Business Appraisers

Our consultants are or have been members of the consulting panels or teaching faculty of the:
American Medical Association,
American Academy of Family Physicians,
American Academy of Ophthalmology,
American College of Physicians,
American Academy of Dermatology,
American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology
American Academy of Osteopathy,
American Educational Institute, AMA Category 1 CME
and numerous state medical associations.

Member MGMA, NSCHBC, IBA, NACVA, CABB and other professional and trade associations.
Editorial Consultant to Medical Economics Magazine.
Author of book Medical Practice Valuation; Appraisal Guidelines & Workbook
Industry Expert in Medical Practice Valuation, Business Brokerage Press Books

See videos of CME presented at

We also offer valuation and sale of
chiropractic practices
physical therapy practices
podiatry practices

Medical Practice Specialist Broker
A Medical Practice Broker and Appraiser, Licensed & Certified Medical practice broker on an hourly-fee or commissioned basis nationwide since 1983. Member IBA, MGMA, CABB, NACVA, NSCHBC. Medical Economics editorial consultant.
Medical Practice Management Consultant
Certified Healthcare Business Consultant (CHBC) by NSCHBC. Member of the consultant panels of AMA, ACP, AAFP, AAO, CAFP, NAHC, SMD. Faculty at AAFP, AAD, AAAAI, AOA. Member MGMA, NSCHBC, CABB, IBA. CLICK HERE for more info
Medical Practice Appraisal / Valuation / Broker Specialist
Valuations and 2nd opinions for buy/sell, buy-ins, litigation, divorce, mergers, etc.. Current or former member AMA, ACP, AAFP, AAO, AAAAI, AAD, NAHC, SMD, IBA, MGMA, CABB, NSCHBC appraiser panels or faculty. CLICK HERE for more info

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